Editorials6 Reasons Madonna’s New No. 1 Album Is Historically Important

6 Reasons Madonna’s New No. 1 Album Is Historically Important

Madonna is back at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 this week for the first time in several years with her latest studio effort Madame X, which debuts in the top spot with just under 100,000 equivalent units. The “Like A Prayer” powerhouse is no stranger to the throne, but this latest success is special—here are six reasons why.

Fifth-Most No. 1 Albums

With nine No. 1 albums to her name, Madonna has moved up into the top five when it comes to the artists with the most leaders on the Billboard 200. She may be tied for fifth place, but at least now she’s closer to the record, and she may continue to rise in the future. With nine leaders, she’s tied with Eminem, Garth Brooks and The Rolling Stones, all of whom have also ruled on nine separate occasions.

Leading the way are The Beatles, who scored 19 No. 1 albums. They are followed by Jay-Z, who has 14, Barbra Streisand and Bruce Springsteen, who claim 11, and Elvis Presley, who nabbed 10.

Fourth-Most No. 1 Albums Among Solo Artists

When looking solely at soloists, only a few names are retracted from the list of the acts with the most No. 1 albums, though that helps everyone move up one rung. Since The Beatles run the show, once they’re removed, everyone jumps, including Madonna. Nine No. 1 records suddenly becomes enough to give her the fourth-most chart-owners.

Second-Most No. 1 Albums Among Women

When only women are taken into account, Madonna fares even better, and she’s only bested by one of the most successful recording artists of all time. Only Barbra Streisand, who has managed 11 chart-topping titles throughout her half-century-long career, is beating her, and Madge is closing the gap. Madame X puts her just two full-lengths behind the fellow singer-songwriter, and there’s no telling how their totals will change in the coming years.

Fifth-Most Top 10 Albums

It’s important to remember that in addition to being her ninth No. 1, Madame X is also another top 10 win for Madonna, and it helps her move up on a closely-watched list as well. The title is her twenty-second to break into the uppermost region, which ties her for the fifth-most top 10 albums, right alongside Bob Dylan.

Fourth-Most Top 10 Albums Among Soloists

The Rolling Stones are in charge when it comes to the most top 10 albums, as they have landed inside the area 37 times. When only solo acts are considered, Madonna rises once again, and her sum becomes the fourth-most in history.

Second-Most Top 10 Albums Among Women

When only women are included in that list, Madonna only ranks behind Barbra Streisand, though she’s got a long way to go before she catches up with the singer and actress. Streisand has charted 34 top 10 titles throughout her career.

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