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She Is the Luckiest Star Thanks to Her 6 Kids! A Handy Guide to Madonna’s Children

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If there’s one thing Madonna nearly has more of than No. 1 hits, it’s children. You may not have guess it, or perhaps you lost count somewhere along the way, but the “Borderline” singer, 60, is the proud mom to six kids — Lourdes, 22; Rocco, 18; David, 13; Mercy, 13; and twins Estere and Stelle, 6.

“I think they wish I wasn’t Madonna,” the iconic pop star revealed on a June 2019 episode of The Graham Norton Show. “I think it would be less challenging, in their minds, if they didn’t have me as their mother.”

All that said, Madonna always had her sights set on becoming a mom in addition to building a successful career. In a 1989 interview with Rolling Stone, a full 30 years ago, she discussed what kind of mother she imagined she would be, noting that it was “definitely up high” on her to-do list.

Perhaps Madonna felt the calling way because her own mother, whose name she decided to adopt as her stage persona, died of breast cancer when she was just 6. “If [my mom] were alive, I would be someone else,” the seven-time Grammy winner said in the same interview. “I would be a completely different person.”

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