News20 household rules Madonna actually makes her kids follow

20 household rules Madonna actually makes her kids follow

Madonna is admired by millions and has enjoyed so much success in the music industry that she’s now become affectionately known as the Queen of Pop. And it turns out, at home, she rules like a queen too!

What we mean by this statement is that Madonna is definitely in charge of her household, which is a good thing because raising six children can’t be easy. She sets firm rules, and has no problem playing the role of “bad cop,” or feeling as though she’s the unpopular parent because she doesn’t allow her kids to do certain things (for example, her teenage son is not allowed a cellphone, despite other kids his age being granted that privilege). Below are 20 household rules Madonna makes her kids follow.

20 Madonna Is Really Strict About Her Kids’ Use Of Technology — She Even Thinks It Ended Her Relationship With Her Older Children

Madonna has an impressive social media following, but when it comes to her children, she probably hopes that they’ll live off the grid because she has a strange relationship with technology. In an interview with Vogue (via Hello!) she admitted that getting her older two children cellphones essentially “ended” her relationship with them because it “became a very, very big part of their lives.”

19 She’s Learned Her Lesson Though Because Now David Is Not Allowed A Phone (Even Though He’s In His Teens)

Madonna allowed her older two children, Lourdes and Rocco, to have phones when they turned 13, but different rules apply to David, despite him being a teenager. In an interview with Vogue (via Hello!), Madonna said she was not allowing David to have a phone.

“I’m going to stick that one out for as long as possible because I made a mistake when I gave my older children phones when they were 13,” she said.

18 Her Visitation Agreements For Her Ex-Husband Are Extreme And The Kids Aren’t Even Allowed To Watch TV

When Madonna and Guy Ritchie split, they had to agree on some ground rules for how they would raise their children (they share two boys, Rocco, and David Banda), and according to Celebitchy, Madonna had a lot of requirements for her ex-husband to follow. One of those requirements was that when the kids were at his house, they had no access to newspapers, magazines, and were, under no circumstances, allowed to “watch TV or DVDs.”

17 It’s Important For Her Kids To Not Just Think Of Themselves, But Also Others

Madonna may have some strange household rules that she wants her children to adhere to, but she also has some very positive ones. For example, she wants her children to be appreciative of everything they have.

“I regularly remind my children how fortunate they are to have the things they do and encourage them to share,” she told Parents. “My daughter goes to children’s hospitals to read my books to other children, and as she and my son get older, I’m sure they will become more involved in community service.”

16 Madonna Is Perfectly Happy To Take On The Role Of ‘Bad Cop’

Some parents find it hard to discipline their children, but Madonna has no problem creating rules and sticking to them. In an interview with People, she said, “I’m bad-cop, I’m the one that says no.” She also makes tough decisions, like not allowing David to have a cellphone, but at the end of the day, she does this because she feels it’s best for her family. She said, “I accept that role. I’m not the popular parent.”

15 You’ve Got To Practise Your Quiet Voice Because This Is A Silent Household!

Madonna has wowed audiences across the world with her singing, but when she’s at home, it’s been reported that she likes to have a nice, quiet household. According to an article published on TheTalko, a former nanny, Melissa Dumas, has claimed that Madonna “won’t allow anybody to make noise in the house while she’s sleeping — not even running water for showers.”

14 They’ve All Learned How To Cook Because Their Mama Is Not Going To Do It

Madonna is good at many things, but apparently cooking is not one of them. In an interview with ABC (via Daily Mail), Madonna was asked, “What was the last meal you cooked entirely by yourself,” to which she replied, “I don’t think I’ve ever cooked a meal entirely by myself.”

Daily Mail goes on to note that Madonna explained that she has her meals made for her. She said, “Everybody makes the food. I have a cook, my daughter likes to cook, my son likes to cook.”

13 Madonna’s Wardrobe May Be Adventurous, But She Keeps A Close Eye On What Her Kids Wear

Madonna has made headlines for her wardrobe choices, and there is no denying that her clothing is more on the adventurous side. But when it comes to her children and the way they dress, she tries to encourage them to be a bit more practical.

“My daughter is going through a phase of wearing jeans so tight she can’t bend her knees in them,” she told British Elle (via Fox News). “I have a go at her and say, ‘Can’t you wear something else? You have a closet full of clothes and you wear the same pants every day…’”

12 She Made The Family Relocate To Focus On David’s Sporting Dreams

We suspect that all of Madonna’s children are incredibly talented and unique in their own ways, but her son, David, has already found what he’s good at, and that’s soccer. According to Hello! magazine, David is so passionate about the sport that it is something he wants to do professionally, and Madonna supports him wholeheartedly, so much so, that the family has relocated to Lisbon, Portugal, to help his dreams become a reality.

11 These Kids May Be Privileged, But They Still Have To Pick Up After Themselves

Madonna’s children are privileged and she knows this, but she also has no intention of turning them into spoiled brats who have everything done for them. If they throw their clothes around their room, they are expected to pick them up. Cleanliness is important, and according to TheTalko, Madonna once admitted that when Lourdes did not clean her room, her clothes were “taken away as punishment.”

10 Healthy Eating Is A Must, And You’ll Only Find Macrobiotic Foods In Their Fridge

When Madonna set out a series of guidelines (or perhaps we should say rules) for her ex-husband, Guy Ritchie, to follow when it was his turn to care for their children, publications took note. And, according to Celebitchy, one of the rules was with regards to what the kids can, and cannot eat. And you better believe there’s no junk food!

The text states: “They must adhere at all times to a macrobiotic, vegetarian, organic diet with no processed or refined food.”

9 Disinfectant Is A Prized Possession In This Household And Must Be Used At All Times

We imagine Madonna’s home is incredible, but if the reports regarding her rules on disinfectant are to be believed, then we also imagine it is spotless. According to Celebitchy, yet another rule Madonna made for her ex-husband was regarding cleanliness and states: “The boys’ hands should be regularly cleaned with disinfectant spray if they are in public places.”

8 Her Strict Curfew May Have Been A Deciding Factor In Rocco Going To Live With His Dad

The Queen of Pop has lived an interesting life, and she has been to many parties and events during her life, but when it comes to her kids, they have a strict curfew. In fact, it has been speculated that this may be one of the reasons Rocco decided to live with his dad, Guy Ritchie.

According to New York Daily News, an insider has said that when living with his dad, Rocco can “meet his friends, eat fast food, he doesn’t have an early curfew.”

7 If You Fall In Love, You Better Be Over 18!

Madonna wanted her children to wait until they are 18 before they got involved with anyone romantically. “No boys for [Lourdes] until she turns 18,” she said, according to Today. “She’s a good girl, though. She doesn’t have it easy. Late-night TV, junk food and mess are not tolerated in my house.”

But the rules had to be revised because Lourdes did end up getting a boyfriend when she was 16, TheRichest reports.

6 The Queen Of Pop Is Also An Author; Anyone Want To Take A Guess As To The Most-Read Book In Her Household?

Madonna is an author of a series of children’s books called The English Rose, TheRichest reports. So, when it comes to favorite bedtime stories, it’s been reported that the kids get to hear a lot from Madonna’s novels. Actually, one of her more unusual rules (via Celebitchy) was that Guy Ritchie should “read Madonna’s English Rose books to David” at bedtime.

5 It’s Been Reported That Madge Is Way Too ‘Controlling’

There have been many reports about the way that Madonna parents, and apparently her rules make her quite hard to live with. In addition to the strict curfew she sets, insiders have told Page Six that Lourdes and Rocco feel she is “too controlling.” The publication also notes that the two teens were craving “stability.”

4 Humor Is Important For Madonna, And She Tries To Use It As A Teaching Tool

Madonna wants her children to be able to laugh, and she has found that humor can be an important learning tool. According to Parents, she has stated: “Humor is essential for teaching children. Children have to understand that being a good person doesn’t mean you can’t have fun.” An interesting life lesson, indeed!

3 Education Is A Priority, And Madonna’s Kids Must Be Dedicated To Their Schoolwork

Madonna places importance on education, and she wants her children to be serious about learning. According to BabyGaga, Madonna has enrolled her children in good schools, including a French school for Lourdes in 1999. Speaking of her decision, the publication notes that an insider told The New York Post, “Everybody knows Madonna wants her daughter to be educated in Britain, but this way she gets the best of all worlds.”

2 One Thing That Cannot Be Spoken About In Their Household Is Madonna’s Divorce From Guy Ritchie (Rocco And David’s Dad)

Madonna and Guy Ritchie were married for seven and a half years, but according to The Telegraph, they reached a divorce settlement in 2008, with the publication noting that their biggest concern was their children, as they both wanted their boys to live with them.

Madonna’s divorce is in the past, and she has apparently made an effort to not speak about it in front of her children. According to TheTalko, Daily Mail reported that she also bans “any discussion of it in her house.” Which makes sense because there’s no use dwelling on the past!

1 Sometimes You Don’t Feel Like Talking To Your Mama, But Madonna Wants To Chat Three Times A Day

Most moms like their children to check-in with them so they know they are doing OK, but apparently Madonna liked to speak to her children multiple times a day when they were visiting with their father. According to Celebitchy, her rules of visitation included a mention of how she should be able to have phone contact with them “when and how often she chooses,” and sometimes up to four times a day!

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