In The Evidence Of Her Brilliance

Madonna mocks Trump’s penis size during racy performance on first day of her Madame X tour

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Madonna had a rather controversial start to her Madame X tour on September 20 as she sported racy outfits and made blunt political statements.

The 60-year-old was seen pretending to perform a sex act on herself and also mocked POTUS Donald Trump’s manhood. The concert took place at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. After she sang the 1986 hit ‘Papa Don’t Preach’, she shared with the crowd, “I think it’s important women have the right to decide what to do with their bodies.”

Later she joked, “What do you call a man with a small penis? Donald Trump.”

She had also brought along three of her children on stage in front of the audience which had about 2000 people.  When she asked her seven-year-old daughter Stella what she wanted to tell the crowd, the child responded saying “Me Too” referring to the movement against sexual harassment.

Stella along with her twin sister Estere chanted “You’re not my b***h” along with the audience. During her controversial gig, she also likened one of her songs to “sleeping with Mozart.”

Madonna had decided to ban phones from the first night of her tour itself as she wanted to be able to “look into every audience member’s eyes.” Her tour will be heading to the UK in January and will mark her 11th concert tour around the globe.

The tour is promoting her latest album which is titled ‘Madame X’ and was released in June. It has been inspired by the time she was living in Lisbon, Portugal for her son, David Banda, 13, to pursue a career in football. She shared, “I was alone, bored and without friends.”

“I was invited to a fado club. The music is made up of melancholy, sadness, and longing — the best description of me,” she continued.